Sharda Mandir

About Sharda Mandir

Sharda Mandir is a residential, co-educational, Gujarati-medium school that is situated in Muni Seva Ashram’s “Bakshi Panch” campus (3 Km away from the main campus) is recognized by the Gujarat State Education Board and follows its prescribed curriculum. It provides quality education, boarding, clothing and medical care to 150 students residing in the hostel within this campus. Although the total student-body consists of 250 students, approximately 100 students live outside the campus (about 80 from nearby villages and about 20 are from the Ashram’s Parivar Mandir). Additionally, there is a maximum of 25 students per class in each grade. 

The Headmaster is directly responsible for the over-all well-being of all students. All the teachers, non-teaching staff and older students share the responsibility in dormitory.Each class teacher oversees the personal well-being in the form of academic progress and extra-curricular activities of each child. The housemaster, house-mistress and their staff act as guardians of the students.

MSA has been enviably active in this area for more than 30 years and it has been instrumental in bringing about a remarkable change in the outlook of people towards education.

Jai Shrikrishna to All.

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